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Secret Teatime Collabs are projects between studio artists (Helen and Sorlie) and local Toronto artists.  Yunomi Collab is the first of these collaborations. Helen makes the cups and slips them. Then the cups are passed to Toronto-base illustrators/artists (Wandy Cheng, Leaf, Sabrina Tu, and Justine Wong) for the surface design and decorating. The cups are returned to Secret Teatime for glazing and firing. 

"Trusting each other. Giving each other some freedom. Super limited in production. A genuine and fun collaborative process."

Helen Kong


Justine Wong is a food, book, and lifestyle illustrator based in Toronto. She is the creator behind the project '21 Days in Japan: An Illustrative Study on Japanese Cuisine', consisting of paintings for 100 meals discovered while she traveled Japan. She has since lived in Tokyo for a year and have the pleasure of illustrating in editorial publications, story books, and advertising campaigns in Canada and internationally. Most recently, Justine illustrated her first children’s book ‘Piece by Piece’ for Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.

Yunomi Collections:

A Swallow’s Nest, Star-blooms,

Side by Side, and  Alongside River

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Leaf is an artist in Toronto who likes to work in different mediums. She mainly likes to draw using traditional and digital media, working with clay, and creating tiny miniatures. She enjoys making cute, mostly functional ceramic wares that may or may not be in the shapes of cats, hamsters, and other animals.

Yunomi Collections:

Moon Rabbit, Autumn Night, and Hana to Neko


Wandy Cheng is a Hong Kong- born multidisciplinary artist working and exhibiting in Toronto. Her work embodies contrasting textures and repeated patterns both on paper and with clay. Her artistic practice is an exploration of the interactions between interior spaces and exterior facades. Particularly, she is interested in how lived experiences are shaped within the confines of physical environments.

Yunomi Collections:

Morning Dew, Ocean Breeze, and Summer Night



Sabrina is a Toronto based illustrator. Her work is often inspired and influenced by nature and elements of spirituality. She often likes to sit outside with her dog and bird watch with a thermos full of tea.

Yunomi Collections:

Ruby, Griffin, and At Sea

Collaborations: Exhibitions
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