R + C

Retail + Collaboration

We enjoy collaborating with cafes, restaurants, and tea shops, working with them to create custom pieces or to carry our signature wares. 

If you represent a cafe or restaurant that would like to work with us, please contact us for wholesale prices.



Collaboration with  Momo Tea has resulted in the "Momo chawan" , tea bowls with her signature peach motif ,and glaze pattern as well as a pouring bowl.  

Momo Yoshida is the proprietor of Momo Tea.  She is a trained tea sommelier and a practioner of the Japanese Way of Tea.   She is passionate about tea and cares greatly about freshness and helping people get the best out of their tea.  Momo Tea's collection is imported directly from Japan.  


We are excited to be part of Nohohon Tea Room's current project where they are in the process of creating a unique tea space in the heart of Toronto.  We worked with them on their Kickstarter project which resulted in a pair of Nohohon Chawan and a part of a mini doc series. (Link to the mini doc teaser)

"No-ho-hon - A pleasant state of mind; calm and tranquil" is Nanako Mizutani's holistic vision for this tea space.  Nohohon looks to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of mundane life, to allow yourself to connect with your senses and enjoy the moment. 

The Toronto location is currently in under construction.  Stay tuned for updates!  We will have more exciting projects to announce!  Meanwhile, you can find our wares at the New York St. Mark's location. 


You can find a collection of our one-of-a-kind wares at The Tea Lounge (London,  Ontario). Stay tuned for future talks and workshops!

The Tea Lounge is a place you can enjoy loose leaf tea and tisanes from all over the world in a relaxing and culturally rich atmosphere.  The tea collection is selected by beTeas.


Our collaboration with Little Pebbles has resulted in a collection of cafe wares where customers of this charming cafe can experience artisan-made ceramics with their crafted beverages.

Little Pebbles specializes in Wafu (Japanese-style) pastries and crafted beverages that include coffee and a selection of Japanese-flavoured lattes (matcha, black sesame, and kinako).   Everything is made in-house and is fresh! 


50 Rolark Dr, Scarborough, ON M1R 4G2, Canada